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Our company supports hotels & villas operations based on Hotel Management Contract.

With the Hotel Management Contract, our company provides experience,  know-how, and multi-awarded background, in addition to our large sales' network of tour operators, travel agents and wholesalers around the world.

Our team provides a holistic approach of hotel management that includes, pre-opening and opening phase, premises design, organisational projects, human resources, staff training, finance, business planning, F&B management, sales and contracting.

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Luxury Hotel

Our company supports hotels & villas operations based on Hotel Lease Agreements.

With the Hotel Lease Agreement, our company undertakes full operation of the hotel or resort signed under our own Flag Agreement or other National and International Chains Flag Agreements.

Our company partners with various investors, supporting an extensive business plan in any hotel selected in Greece or around the world. Our company's strategy is always the repositioning of the asset in the market. This can be achieved with upgrade of the property through renovations, stategic planning and maximisation of financial position.

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