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Honeymoon Packages

We at OCEANOS HOTELS GROUP GREECE are here to provide to our guests a total experience of Honeymoon Packages. The options include, Honeymoon VIP Arrival, Honeymoon Suite Arrangements, Romantic Dinners and other Special Arrangements in our Properties or Associate Establishments close to our Hotels.


Just contact our Concierge Department and we will make all arrangements for your Honeymoon Travel. Please contact at:

Beauty & Spa Services

OCEANOS HOTELS GROUP GREECE provides total services for Beauty & Spa Treatment by our Associate Professional Beauticians.


Especially in Crete our company has exclusive co-operation with the Professional Institute "MORFI Beauty Salon" based in Chania. Make your appointment for Face & Body Treatment, Make-Up, Waxing, Manicure & Pedicure Services. Just contact our Concierge Department  at:

Exclusive Car Rental

Travel in Style with a Prestigious Vehicle during your stay in one of our hotels. The range includes Exclusive Vehicles of the top Car Brands Worldwide: BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Aston Martin, Range Rover, Jaguar, Audi.


Whether you want to rent a Sports or a Family Executive Car, contact our Concierge Department in order to make arrangements with our Rental Associates throughout Greece.Just contact our Concierge Department  at:

Aircraft & Helicopter Charter

OCEANOS HOTELS GROUP GREECE meets the demands of the sophisticated travellers from around the world.


We are able to arrange your Aircraft or Helicopter Charter with our Exclusive Associates in Greece and travel in ultimate class around the Greek Islands and Crete.


Our airport base is Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" and we can arrange flight chartering operation to any Greek Island and Crete.


Please contact our Concierge Department for your queries and chartering needs:

Yacht & Sailing Charter

OCEANOS HOTELS GROUP GREECE provides also the service of Yacht & Sailing Boat Chartering for long-haul trips around the Greek Islands and the Aegan Sea, or short-haul boat trips and daily cruises in nearby islands and beaches.


Whether you want to arrange a special event onboard or just a mini cruise with your family and friends, we can arrange with our Exclusive Chartering partner companies to find the right yacht for you and make all the arrangements necessary.


For more information please contact our Concierge Department at:

Professional Cycling Tours

OCEANOS HOTELS GROUP GREECE co-operates in Crete with "Sports Tours Hellas", based in Chania and offers arrangements for Professional Cycling Tours, Expert Cycling Preparation all with Professional Cycling Equipment and Top-Brand Bikes. 


"Sports Tours Hellas" has a direct Shuttle Service from our Hotels, Villas and Properties and provides all the equipment and preparatory information that is necessary.


For more information please contact our Concierge Department at:

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